Are you a business owner or manager that is handling an office move? Business moving can be complicated, and on top of handling your regular job duties, it can be overwhelming to plan.

If you are planning your company’s move, here is a checklist of steps you can take to make your business move as easy and stress-free as possible.

1. Research Commercial Movers

The key to making your office move as seamless as possible is finding the right commercial moving company to work with. With commercial property like computers, scanners, printers, etc. it’s essential to have a professional company handle your move rather than taking the DIY approach.

Start researching early so you can assure you have a moving company scheduled to help you within your necessary timeline.

2. Plan for A Change Of Address

When moving your company, it is important to make sure you plan for a change of address. Inform your employees, customers, and vendors so they are aware of the change.

Make sure any shipping information is updated, your company’s website is updated, and you ready to seamlessly transition into your new office space.

3. Inventory Your Business Equipment

As you start planning for your move, you should inventory your business’s furniture, equipment, and other assets to evaluate what you want to take to the new office space.

You might want to get rid of certain items or need to buy new items to prepare for the move. Start
packing non-essential items up early to be ready for the move.

4. Assign Tasks to Employees

As the business owner or manager, you can delegate tasks to your employees to help with the moving process. You can ask employees to clean out their own desk or work area, assist with packing, or looking for necessary furniture items. This will take the pressure off you to be the only one handling the moving process for your business.

5. Be Ready for Moving Day

When working with the right commercial moving company, moving day should be a stress-free process. Get ready by arriving at the office space early to help coordinate with the movers and make sure everything is organized for them to pack up efficiently. Then, you can sit back and relax and let the movers handle the rest!

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